(English) Leupold VX-6HD 1-6x24mm

ر.س4,700.00 ر.س4,500.00

(English) The VX-6HD takes all the advantages of our Twilight Max System and multiplies it times six. You get virtually every feature you can imagine—legendary ruggedness, stunning optics, and a huge 6x zoom ratio that shortens the distance to your next trophy. With a VX-6HD atop your favorite rifle, the advantage is all yours.

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Low High
Actual Magnification 1.0 x 6.00 x
Linear Field of View (ft/100 yd) 116.00 ft 19.00 ft
Linear Field of View (m/100 m) 36.60 m 6.30 m
Eye Relief (in) 3.80 in 3.80 in
Eye Relief (mm) 97.00 mm 97.00 mm
Weight (oz) 13.40 oz
Weight (g) 380.00 g
Objective Clear Aperture (in) 0.90 in
Objective Clear Aperture (mm) 24.00 mm
Elevation Adjustment Range 170.00 moa
Windage Adjustment Range 170.00 moa
Scope Profile Diagram
A. Length 11.20 in
B. Tube Length 7.40 in
C. Illustration 3.50 in
D. Illustration 2.50 in
E. Eyepiece Length 3.30 in
F. Objective Length 1.20 in
G. Objective Diameter 1.20 in
H. Eyepiece Diameter 1.80 in
K. Tube Diameter 1.18 in
30.00 mm